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Medox rehabilitation centre is a private clinic which offers the treatment of alcoholism, drug addiction, depression and various mental as well as neurological disorders.


Our clinic is discreetly and conveniently located near Warsaw and offers world-standard diagnosis and treatment of:


  • alcohol withdrawal syndrome (so-called alcohol detox, alcohol detoxification, detoxification)

  • opiate withdrawal syndrome (for people who have been using Heroin, Tramadol, Codeine)

  • alcohol dependence (alcoholism treatment, drug-dependence treatment, alcoholism treatment program)

  • addiction to sedatives and hypnotics

  • other types of addiction

  • patients with dual diagnosis

  • depression of any etiology (endogenous, bipolar disorder, post- traumatic, reactive, and others)

  • other affective disorders (eg bipolar disorder, organic mood disorder)

  • psychotic disorders (schizophrenia, paraphrenia and others)

  • we treat all the complications resulting from alcoholism, drug addiction and coexisting disorders

We have carefully built a team of experienced clinicians. Each of us can boast a long-term internship in leading public healthcare facilities. We have had years of practice in the treatment of alcoholism. Our chief aim is the individual approach towards each patient and the selection of an optimal form of therapy for them. As one of very few private addiction treatment centers, we have held the status of a hospital. This means that our facility meets the highest of standards and guarantees the patient’s safety and round the clock medical care from doctors and nurses with the highest professional qualifications - academic degrees and certificates. Due to the changes in the Polish legal system, from December 2012 we are recognized as a private addiction treatment center. Some of the other advantages of our Clinic are its attractive surroundings and unique atmosphere created by the staff to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.


The basic offer of our residential treatment center includes the following:


1. the detoxification of persons addicted to alcohol (alcohol detoxification, detox), drugs, medication

2. a five-week treatment program for addicts (treatment, therapy)


Each patient undergoes a carefully designed diagnosing process, which includes:

general health assessment, performance of basic and specialized laboratory tests, ECG, assessment of the condition and efficiency of the basic organs and systems of the human body, such as the cardiovascular system, kidney, liver, pancreas function, and others.

When necessary, we perform Computer Tomography and Magnetic Resonance.

Mental status evaluation; if necessary, this can include a full psychiatric diagnosis.

Psychological or neuropsychological diagnosis.


We treat coexisting diseases and complications resulting from alcoholism or other addictions:


Our offer includes:

  • Pharmacotherapy

  • Individual treatment plans catering to the patient’s needs and situation

  • Group psychotherapy

  • Intensive individual psychotherapy

  • Family therapy or couples’ therapy

  • Psychoeducation

  • Diet adjustments adapted to individual diseases

  • Phototherapy

After leaving the clinic, each patient can contact our specialists. The patient also receives comprehensive recommendations as regards their further treatment work with recognized experts from around the country. We help our patients find addiction treatment centers near them so that they can continue their recovery.


We offer single and double rooms with bathrooms, a recreation room, a gym, a sauna, a tanning bed and gourmet cuisine. Our menu is composed by a certified nutritionist. The clinic has access to free Wi-Fi, available in every room.

Accommodation for the patient's family is also possible if necessary. We provide free parking for patients.


Our clinic has been adapted to treat people with disabilities, we offer properly prepared en suite rooms.


The clinic is located near the Modlin Fortress and Janówek fortifications in the basin of the four rivers: the Vistula, Narew, Bug and Wkra. Patients can take walks in the nearby forests and observe elks, deer or white-tail ergles.

The drive to the center of Warsaw takes 30-60 minutes (approximately 35 km; take the road to Gdansk, exit to Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki). In special cases, our staff can pick up patients from the Airport, the Central or Eastern Train Station, as well as other locations near Warsaw.


Persons interested in addiction treatment and the patients’ families can also arrange a consultation in our office in Warsaw on Groszowicka 3 Street. Appointments can be made by phone; dial 781 61 5050


Please also visit the new Medox Clinic portal,


The Clinic recently introduced a hitherto rarely available one-day diagnostic hospitalization. The patient can undergo the diagnosing process within a few hours, for instance;


  • alcoholism - we conduct basic tests, a psychiatric consultation, a consultation with a specialist in addiction therapy. The patient then receives an information card or a certificate.

  • dementia - basic tests, for instance to check specific blood levels of vitamins, recommended imaging studies (computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging), psychological tests determining the level of cognitive impairment, physical and psychiatric examination. The patient receives an information card and possible treatment recommendations


We are pleased to announce that together with NZOZ Dromader we have opened a Substitution treatment program for opiate addicts.